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Greetings From the Middle East!

So I go to the Middle East and miss mind-blowing Chris pics? Nice timing, world. Check those arms out at puckurt and report back to me!

Also, posted two fics: Fluffy bday fic: The One With Kurt's 17th Birthday   and Smutty dirty fic: Cosmo Tip #181. Let me know what ya think!

Tell me about your lives peeps, I feel isolated in this land of no gays :(



 I shipping off to Syria on Monday and thought I would show you guys some pics from my last trip from two years ago!
Where they cut off your ears if they don't like your face...Collapse )


Why I love Kurt...At least initially

 Kurt Hummel jumped off the page and out of the TV for many reasons. 

Reasons and Rec!Collapse )

Losing My Mind?

Quite possibly. I am 3,000 words into a Karofsky/Kurt fic.

....For reals. Like, legit.

Also, Doctors and Detectives is being updated sometime this weekend! Yay! Only six months late!

Also, also, will be going to Syria in three weeks and will get very low internet accessiblity. But you know what? There is a total of 23 hours of travel time. What am I going to be working on? kirke_novak 's help haiti fic (I suck, I know). 

So excited for fic. 


You Know You're Obsessed When...

Last night, I had a dream that I checked my friend's page and lezi  wrote a fic. Words cannot describe how excited I was. And then I woke up. Damn.  


Writing Help?

 Hey peeps! 

Okay, I've been trying to finish three fics in the past week, but have been unable to. It's not an idea issue, its a confidence issue. 

A very lovely, incredibly sweet anon posted about my Finn/Kurt friendship fin on glee_anon a week ago. The post got some replies that had to do with my writing. I love it, I really do. I am in serious need of con_crit, because my stories aren't that good and I would love to improve. 

SO, dear friends of mine, could you possibly comment with things that you have liked/disliked about my fics and anythings you think I should work on. BE HARSH, I NEED IT! 

Please, please, please feel free to express anything and everything. Anon commenting is on and IP is off. I really will only love you for commenting. 

Thanks lovelies! 


Top Five Alex/Bobby Scenes

surreallis did a top five mem on G/E moments. She invited me to make my own. 
Okay, these are only some of the best Alex/Bobby moments. There are simply too many of them to count, but surreallis has some great ones. Here are some of mine:

1. The letter: How many of us had our faith restored in the show by that episode? I know it was a kick in the ass for me. KE's performance on the stand was nothing short of breathtaking:
Alex sees the letter



Right away, we knew something was wrong, and then we see this:

Alex: blah, blah, blah, question his judgement and mental stability, blah, blah

*cries* Alex: (with tears in her eyes (and voice!)!) I want to explain.

Alex: Blah, blah, blah, effective police officer and great man. 

Then outside the courtroom:

Alex: Bobby, I'm sorry. I should have told you about the letter.

Bobby: I am an acquired taste (turns to leave)

Bobby: (This is the biggest truth he has ever told on the show. BIGGEST. TRUTH.) I'm lucky you withdrew your request. 
Complete with eye sex

2. Alex after she tells the captain about her pregnancy. So freakin' cute.
Bobby (much like a teenage girl, runs to Alex, wanting to know what just happened with the headcheerleader and the principal): So, what did he say?

Alex: He hugged me.

Bobby no happy. Then, Alex: And he told me, when it was time, he'd find you a new partner. 

Bobby: *blank* Aww, I completely forgot about that. 

Bobby: Well, what did you say?

Alex: I told him that I pitied the fool.



3. A Person of Interest. Bobby has just found out that evil-psycho-bitch was behind it all. 

Bobby: She picked a man that I already didn't trust.

Bobby: She picked a man like my father.

Bobby: She got me. 
Alex: Then let's get her back


The fact that she went to him and the way she let him know that they were united in this, unlike how they were earlier that episode. SO GOOD.

4. This scene is from Alex's pregnancy leave, when she doesn't actually leave. Bishop is talking about different transactions made by the suspect. The numbers are strange, $220 or $440 a night.
Alex: ATMs at strip clubs charge 10%, so a $200 lap dance will cost you 220.

Bobby: (to Bishop) See what you miss not working in Vice.

The entire pregnancy offered so much insight into their partnership and how much it meant to Bobby. I LOVE how he'd compare Bishop to Alex ALL. THE. TIME. 

5. The scene will always make me laugh. Dr. Jackass kept trying to hit on Alex and show off his "ideal" male form. Alex was having none of it. Neither was Bobby, who kept trying to shield his partner from the sight. He literally placed himself in between the two. I love, love, love this scene. 

Bobby cannot believe this guy's audacity and Alex looks like she wants to smack him. Great. 

There you have it, folks.  


Okay, I'm a little late because RL gets in the way of eveything, but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite author, californiaquail ! I was going to dedicate a fic to you, but the fic actually sucks, so I chickened out. So...

More schmultz under hereCollapse )

Lock down

 My campus is in lockdown. Some son of a bitch walked into our bookstore and killed one of the cafe workers, a student. He still hasn't been caught and is still armed. We've been in lockdown for 17 hours now. 

EDIT: He turned himself in. He was only 7 miles from campus. *sigh*


Kal Penn Macro

californiaquail said these words deserved to be on a macro. From the pics that soophelia posted at kutner_love 

Ur Doin It RiteCollapse )