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Guys, The 30 Days of Puckurt in June drabble-fest is happening and I decided to participate!

My theme for the 30 drabbles is Harry Potter (no surprise there!) and I was wondering if you guys had any prompts for me to fill! The drabbles will be all over the place, from HP!AU to KurtPuck!fanboys to moments inspired by lines or scenes from the books, so prompt away!

1) Quidditch
2) Weasley Twins
3) Thestrals
4) Chocolate Frogs
5) U-No-Poo
6) Draco
7) Gryffindor Common Room
8) Mirror of Erised
9) Love Potion
10) Veritaserum Potion
11) Polyjuice Potion
12) Robes
13) Moving Portrait
14) Knight Bus
15) Wand
16) Expecto Patronum
17) Imperio
18) Invisibility Cloak
19) Butterbeer
20) Broom
21) Penseive 
22) Room of Requirement
23) Witch Weekly
24) Tri Wizard Tournament
25) Dragons
26) Ghost
27) Poltergeist (Peeves)
28) Golden Snidget
29) Sorting Hat
30) Boggart
31) Muggle Studies
32) Veela
33) Viktor Krum
34) Nargles
35) Astronomy Tower

NOTE: I am not doing these in any particular order, just what strike's my muse's fancy. But I will get to all of them!


May. 31st, 2011 03:43 pm (UTC)